NFT to write your own history. Become a history.


[email protected] lets you be an artist by yourself. No pre-made designs or patterns. No limitations in colors or shapes. Everything is unique and individual. Only you decide whom you want your [email protected] to be. And after memorizing it forever in digital collectible NFT thanks to blockchain technologies.



Limited to 10,000 NFT
Infinite design possibilities
30 series of extra objects
AR version
3D model


1 Purchase NFT once the sale is opened
We’ll have different types of tiers, 1,000 NFT in each one
2 Enter the
The constructor will be opened once the sale is finished
3 Create your unique [email protected]
By default, you will receive a blank model to create your design
4 Purchase exclusive
extra features
In case you want to make your character even more exclusive
5 Confirm
your design
Once NFT is generated, no further changes are available
6 Transfer your [email protected] to AR
Available in Q3 2021
7 Order a 3D model
of your [email protected]
It will be delivered worldwide

Play me

Try me

Choose part i
Load Pattern
Choose object i

Load Pattern
Load logo
Panda 1
Total X ETH

Great present

Are you wondering what to give your friend for the birthday or other significant date? [email protected] is a great solution! Your friend will become a real history, staying in the blockchain network forever!

Mint me

00:08:09:16 2.72 ETH
Until auction ends Current price
x ETH 4 500/10 000 left
MINT YOUR [email protected]
Enter the number of units you want to mint
Click the mint button to mint [email protected] for ETH



From sale will be transferred to the charities


From each further NFT transaction will go to a multisig wallet

[email protected] was created bearing in mind the idea of social responsibility. Due to that, 10% of the amount collected during a sale will be transferred to the fund ( or various funds ) that are caring for the environment and wildlife protection, especially pandas.

As well each further transaction with [email protected] NFT’s will have a fixed fee of 1% for the buyer, which will be automatically transferred to a multi-sig address, controlled by the [email protected] NFT holders.

A special DAO section will be created on the website to submit proposals, vote for them, and decide where the funds should be directed.